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I founded Team Speed Queen™ in 2003 to promote cycling as a positive lifestyle activity for people of all ages, and to help everyone discover themselves as athletes and active people. A person who thinks of her/himself as an athlete will take the time to invest time in her/his training and fitness programs, will eat a healthy diet and in take care of her/himself.

I was hired August of 1999 as the manager of the Timex Team, and in 2000 was both manager and Director Sportif of the team.  In 2001 I merged the Timex Team with the Saturn Team and became the Assistant General Manager of the Saturn Team as well as the women's Director.  Under my directorship, the Saturn Women's Team was ranked the #1 team in the world two years in a row and won the Women's World Cup Series two years in a row.

Whether you ride five or 100 miles a day, you are an athlete once you begin riding your bike. Our Mission is to promote cycling education and the benefit cycling brings to a person’s life. Team Speed Queen™ can make a difference in your cycling and your life.

I have competed in sports and athletic events most of my life. Yet I never considered myself to be an athlete until I had been a professional cyclist for several years. As a coach, team leader and teacher, I learned first hand how important it is to have a positive mental picture of yourself, your abilities and goals as well as of you as an athlete.

After a heart condition forced me to retire in 1999 I became the Coach and Manager of the Timex Women’s Professional Cycling Team and in 2001 the Assistant General Manager for the Saturn Professional Cycling Team (men and women), and the Coach for the Saturn Women’s Team. Under my leadership, the Saturn Women’s team became the top rated team in the United States and the World. 

Throughout my 18 years in the cycling world, I have worked with all ages, body types and athletically gifted athletes and quickly learned that being an athlete is a domination of the courage in a person’s heart.  An athlete is limited by either fear and/or lack of knowledge.  It is my mission to educate people about cycling in order to enable them to meet their goals, and to assist them in analyzing and then conquering their fears in order to realize their athletic potential.

As a professional coach and cyclist my greatest joy and reward is helping cyclists of all ages and abilities to improve their riding and cycling skills. Whether a beginning rider, or an elite level competitor, my expertise as a coach, trainer, tactician, and mentor will help you reach your personal goals and empower you as an athlete.

In my proven formula for success, I thoroughly assess your current skills and abilities as well as discuss your short and long-term goals. With that understanding, I develop a highly effective training program for my clients that compliment a “real life” daily schedule and responsibilities.  We are with you every pedal stroke along the road to meeting your potential.  We are looking forward to customizing a training program for you to make your athletic goals a reality.

Successful training programs are a blend of athletic and mental training, goal setting and performance review that help you make definite progress in your program. I pride myself on being a knowledgeable and accessible coach and tactician.

Welcome to Team Speed Queen™. I am glad you are along for the ride

Cheers! - Giana Roberge

Cycling Career Highlights                                                                                 

• Silver Medalist Master's World Time Trial Championships (Austria) 2007
• First Place District Time Trial Championships 2007
• First Place Mount Shasta Hillclimb 2007
• First Place Everest Challenge 2007 (CA Climbing Championships) (Winner both stages)
• First Place Deutchlandsberg Criterium (Austria) 2007
• First Place Deutchlandsberg Time Trial (Austria) 2007
• Second Place Overall Deutchlandsberg Series (Austria 2007)
• Fourth US Masters Time Trial National Championships (PA) 2007
• Gold Medal World Master's Time Trial Championships (Austria) 2004
• Silver Medal World Master’s Time Trial Championships (Austria) 2003
• First Place Etape du Tour (France) 2004
• Master’s National Time Trial Champion (Kentucky) 2003
• First Place overall Fitchburg/Longsjo Classic 1998
• First Place Tour de ‘Toona 1994
• First Place Tour le Fleur 1998
• Top 20 overall at Tour de Snowy, Tour Feminine, Tour de L’Aude, Women’s Giro, Tour of Holland, New Zealand Women’s Tour
• Member of the US National Team, represented the US National Team at numerous World Cups and World Championship events


Other Career Highlights
2003 Sea Otter Classic Mountain Bike Classic-Sport - Winner
2000 Wisconsin Spring Series Champion
1999 Elite National Time Trial Championships – fifth
Retired from July 1999 – April 2003
1998 Tour de Snowy, Australia – top 15 overall
1998 New Zealand Tour, Hamilton New Zealand – top 15 overall
1998 Team wins at: Inaugural World Cup Series, Tour de France, Giro
D’Italia, Tour of Holland, Tour de L’Aude, HP Women’s Challenge, Tour of
Willamette, Tour de ‘Toona, Killington Stage Race, Redlands Classic
1998 Stage wins at Tour de ‘Toona, Killington Stage Race, Tour of Willamette
1998 2nd McClane Classic, CA
1998 Climber’s and Sprinter’s jersey wins at Tour de ‘Toona
1998 Elite National Time Trial Championship – Bronze Medal
1998 Top American Finisher at the Tour de France
1997 Fitchburg Longsjo Classic – overall winner (1 stage win)
1997 Winner Tour Le Fleur
1997 Winner Tour of Pocono’s (2 stage wins)
1997 Stage Win Grand Prix de Feminine (Canada)
1997 Second place Tour of Willamette (1 stage win, Climber’s jersey)
1997 HP Women’s Challenge – Team Win
1997 Redlands Bicycle Classic – Team Win
1997 National Time Trial Championship – Fifth place
1996 Turned Pro with the Timex Team
1996 Team victories at Redlands Sea Otter Classic, 89er Stage Race (finished
top 20 overall), helped qualify teammate for 96 Olympic squad and finished
12th in the five race Olympic Qualifying Series
1996 National Criterium Championships – Fifth place
1996 Howard Bank Criterium – Winner
1996 Concord Classic – Winner
1996 Johnstown to Gloversville Road Race – Winner
1996 Gloversville Criterium – Winner
1996 Adirondack Trust Classic – Winner
1996 Tour de ‘Toona – Eighth place overall, Team Win
1995 Tour of the Sun, Florida, Third place overall (in pros as a category four)
1995 Howard Bank Classic – Winner
1995 Tulip Festival – First place
1995 Fitchburg-Longsjo Classic – Third place overall
1995 Ocala Race Series – Second place overall
1995 NY State Mountain Bike Championships – First place
1994 Began racing (all results below are as a category 4)
1994 Tour de ‘Toona Overall winner (one stage win)
1994 Concord Criterium – First place
1994 Fitchburg-Longsjo Classic – Second place








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