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Do you have questions about cycling but don’t know who to ask?  Do you want to buy a bike but are uncomfortable with your local bike shop?  Are you unsure if your bike fits you properly?  Do you experience pain when you ride?  Rob has several years as a professional trained fit specialist and can help fit you properly so your riding experience is comfortable, efficient ad effective to meet your goals.  Rob can also help guide you through the sometimes uncomfortable questions about purchasing a bike or about cycling comfort. 

Are you interested in testing yourself at endurance mountain bike events, centuries or a charity ride?  Rob can assist you in evaluating a program to help meet your needs.   Having competed at many 24, 12, and 8 hour events has left Rob with a wealth of information and experience that will help you meet your goals.

Giana is a proven coach and tactician; she can help you meet your personal goals as an athlete, or your team’s goals.  She is also available to clinic a club or group on cycling, training and teamwork. Giana also offers her services as a consultant to bike shops, cycling companies, tour companies and event promoters.

We believe in layers of coaching, taking the personal approach to help our students learn from experience.  After working with you to understand your goals, we set up a personalized program to help you achieve your goals.  We also encourage you to ride with us at our monthly Team Speed Queen training rides, or schedule a personal training ride to learn on the bike technique, tactics and teamwork.  We believe in frequent communication via email and phone on a bi-weekly basis for most athletes.

Are you an athlete or event promoter looking for sponsorship?  Giana’s experience at securing and servicing sponsors for the Saturn Cycling Team is a valuable tool available to you for creating proposals and finding sponsors. Giana and Rob also offer their services as consultants to bike shops, cycling companies, tour companies and event promoters. We are available to fitness clubs, corporations, and women’s groups to talk about being an athlete, training, and nutrition.  Businesses will find our ability to bring cycling’s main themes of health, speed, teamwork and determination to the corporate environment a new way to communicate to their employees and/or customers.

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