I have always enjoyed your emails and your professionalism has always been superb. As the Executive Producer of the Microsoft Grand Prix events in ’95 and ’96 (Nationals, Olympic trials etc) I found it unusually frustrating to work with many of the sponsors and team organizers. You and your colleagues were very notable exceptions and the fact that you still send me briefs on your teams and their progress is further proof of a job well done. No other team has maintained contact with this former corporate sponsor as you have.

I wish you the best in your next endeavor. Thank you - David Allen
“We’ve had the opportunity to interact with consumers around the country who have come out to support our team and the events we have chosen to sponsor. Road cycling has been an ideal venue for our products and our Saturn retailers who have embraced cycling in their local communities. We have had the pleasure of working with incredible people, both on the bike and behind the scenes.”

Christine Rivers, Saturn Corporation, 9/17/03

Just wanted to thank you again for the last 3 years that we have been working together.  I have watched myself progress from a bike rider to a bike racer thanks to you.  I can remember the difficulty I had just acknowledging I was an athlete - you helped me get to a place where that was comfortable.

There is no way I would have won the State Championships or placed so well in Nationals without your coaching, your guidance and your mentorship.  Through the years you have helped me set goals that were achievable given my hectic travel schedule

I look forward to even more achievements this year!

Renee Beckeloff

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