Giana's Bio   



I have competed in sports and athletic events most of my life. Yet I never
considered myself to be an athlete until I had been a professional cyclist for
several years. As a coach, team leader and teacher, I learned first hand how
important it is to have a positive mental picture of yourself, your abilities and
goals and of your self as an athlete.

I founded Team Speed Queen™ to promote cycling as a positive lifestyle
activity for people of all ages, and to help women and men discover themselves as
athletes and active people. People who think of themselves as an athlete will
take the time to invest time in her/his training and fitness programs, in eating a
healthy diet and in taking care of her/himself. Whether you ride five, or 100 miles
a day, you are an athlete once you begin riding your bike. And that is our
Mission, to promote cycling and the benefits cycling brings to your life.

Welcome to Team Speed Queen™. I am glad you are along for the ride.
Cheers! - Giana Roberge





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