The Women’s Task Force began as a simple request from Giana Roberge.  In a conversation about women’s racing with Nature Valley Grand Prix promoter David LaPorte, Roberge asked LaPorte if he would host a women’s summit to discuss issues facing women’s cycling. LaPorte not only hosted the summit, but he asked Yoplait for support – Yoplait, eager to support the grassroots side of cycling Yoplait joined as the summit’s sponsor. 

The first Yoplait Women’s Summit was held in June and was a panel style format with Michael Aisner moderating.  The panel featured representatives from elite and grassroots cycling, including HP Women’s Challenge promoter Robynne Browne, Team Sports President Tom Schuler, 1996 Olympian Jeanne Golay, USA Cycling CEO Gerard Biscaglia, and grassroots and master’s racer supporter Tracy Lea. The first summit brought to light the amount of issues that exist, and showed there was clearly a need for a women’s task force and interest from many concerned cyclists.

A subsequent conference at the Interbike Trade Show in 2003 demonstrated the need for a women's cycling program to provide support and a framework for developing more grassroots programs and clubs such as Cycling Made Real, MtbChick, Velo Girls, Luna Chix and Single Track Sistahs. A program that works with bicycle retailers to provide women friendly programming, events and instruction through the country. A program that helps elite event organizers work with grassroots events and participants to grow women's participation at their events.

The Women's Cycling Initiative is proud to support women cyclists of all ages, abilities and goals. We invite you to join us on the journey.

Cheers!      Giana Roberge

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